Principal- Permanent Position

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Job Summary: To manage the school and to provide organizational, and instructional leadership to assure high student outcomes and maintain the integrity of the school’s approved charter.

The principal at a minimum will hold a Master’s degree. The Principal will be someone who can take charge of academic programs and successfully implement them. He/she will be experienced in leading an organization and be a self-starter. The Principal will be a competent and dedicated teacher with documented classroom experience. The Principal will have an understanding of classical education and its philosophies. The Principal will understand and be willing to fulfill all duties and responsibilities as outlined in the proposed job description.

ICA will recruit individuals for the Principal position through a public process which may include but will not be limited to advertising in local and national newspapers and professionally printed media, referral, and through appropriate electronic recruitment mechanisms if necessary. A fully assembled Board will review applications and resumes and determine which candidates will be interviewed for the position. Every effort will be made to garner at least three highly promising applicants to be interviewed by the Board. The Board will vote to determine the final candidate; a simple majority will be needed. If no candidate is found to be acceptable the process will begin again. The candidate must pass the required background checks and screens prior to being appointed Principal. ICA will evaluate the Principal annually in accordance with the Student Success Act. Specifically, as a charter school, we must adhere to substantive requirements of section 1012.34, F.S., related to performance evaluations for school administrators. ICA intends to use a 360-degree evaluation instrument that meets these criteria to evaluate the principal, or other appropriate Instructional Leadership evaluation instrument submitted to and approved by the sponsor district.

Apply to ICA

Resume and cover letter should be faxed to 772-837-9301 or inquire with the front desk.

You can also email your resume and cover letter to us.

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