Policy SE 33.0 – Parent Grievance Process

This school passionately believes that adults must be models of good character even in the most difficult situations. Should a parent have a grievance concerning a particular class or the administration of the school, that grievance should be resolved using the following chain of command. Issues that arise in a particular classroom should always be addressed to the teacher first since the teacher is most likely to have the most direct knowledge of the student and/or situation. The following steps are required of all complaints and concerns regarding ICA policies, procedures, and decisions:

1. The teacher. Parents should schedule a meeting with the teacher through the front office. Under no circumstance is it ever acceptable for a parent to confront a teacher about an issue with students present, including their own. Impromptu meetings (such as grabbing someone’s attention in the front office as you drop off a child, a quick conversation on campus if you are volunteering, etc…) are not permitted and is a violation of our grievance policy.

2a. The Assistant Principal. If the grievance cannot be resolved with the teacher, and the matter regards discipline, the parent should schedule a meeting with the Dean (once hired).

2b. The Principal. If the grievance cannot be resolved with the teacher and the matter regards academics, the parent should schedule a meeting with the Principal.

3.The Director of Operations. If the matter cannot be satisfactorily addressed by the Principal, or the matter involves the principal, it should be brought to the Director of Operations.

PARENT LIASION for ALL concerns needing to go before the board for grievances is Mr.s Kacey Predix-she can be reached at k.predix@icacharter.org or by calling the office at 772-837-9300 between 8am-3pm on school days.

Appeals to the Independence Classical Academy Board of Directors

If resolution is not achieved by the foregoing process two other options are available:

Option 1: The grievance can be submitted to the Independence Classical Academy Board of Directors in writing. This written grievance should be given to the Parent Representative/Board Liaison to present to the Board and ensure it is placed on the agenda for review at the next available meeting. The Board will review the summary and will make one of the following determinations:

  1. The Board may decide to support the previous decision.
  2. The Board may appoint up to two Board members to address the issue.
  3. The Board may address the issue in an open Board format.
  4. The Board may address the issue in an executive session, in accordance with the Florida Open Meetings Law.

Option 2: Parental concerns and grievances may be raised during the public comment portion of the Board of Directors meeting. The concern or grievance must be submitted in writing at the time public comment speaker form is completed prior to the start of the meeting, and no more than three minutes will be granted. Anonymous grievances or discussions involving specific personnel or students will not be entertained at open meetings. It is recommended that the concern or grievance be addressed in one of the steps above before using this option for a timelier resolution.

Grievances regarding policy should be directed to a Board Member. Grievances regarding an administrator should be directed to the individual first, then in writing to the Board prior to a meeting if unresolved.

In accordance with the Independence Classical Academy charter contract, all grievances must be resolved at the school. Though ICA is chartered through St. Lucie County Public Schools, the district does not have general oversight of school operations. Only violations of the final adopted/amended charter contract should be reported to St. Lucie County Public Schools. Final decision rests with the Board of Directors, but ICA remains a school of choice, and parents are not obligated to keep their child(ren) enrolled, should the resolution of a grievance not meet their standards or expectation, they are welcome to withdraw their child without notice by signing a withdrawal form and enroll them in another public, private, charter, or home school of their choosing.

General Concerns/Questions/Suggestions

In the unfortunate event that resolution is not achieved through the process outlined above, it is unlikely that Independence Classical Academy is the best educational option for you and your child.

The Board of Directors will not entertain anonymous complaints, nor can they hold information in confidence when it is not in the best interest of the school.

Independence Classical Academy offers a unique leadership model in order to more effectively control our institution and allow for excellence. ICA will utilize two leaders, whereas the Director of Operations will take on business matters, Board related agenda items, administrative issues, parent grievance issues (unless grievance is with the Director of Operations, in which case an appeal to the Board can be made through the parent liaison), and all non-instructional issues (including but not limited to finance, facilities, maintenance, campus security, non-instructional personnel, etc..). This is done intentionally to allow the School Principal to focus on Student Success and Teacher Development, the two key components in leading our institution to great success. The School Principal being able to remain focused on improving our academic success through disaggregation of data and new methodologies in classical learning is a unique yet successful model. The Director of Operations and Principal will work together to coordinate efforts between SAC, PTO and other Ad Hoc boards and committees for the betterment of ICA and a sound budget recommendation to bring before the board annually. The School Principal is to oversee student movement on campus and discipline until an Assistant Principal is hired.

Have a safe and fun Summer!

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