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Patricia Pratt:
Ms. Pratt is a certified teacher who is well-trained and experienced in classical education,
whose area of expertise can be clearly seen as she implements the Riggs, Core Knowledge,
and Singapore Math curricula in the classroom. Ms. Pratt brings the highest quality of training
and experience to the classroom and is focused on starting our Kindergarteners out right.

Rose Caraballo:
Mrs. Caraballo is a certified teacher with 16 years of experience. She has great experience and
knowledge in helping students on all levels achieve success in the classroom. Mrs. Caraballo
conducts the Kindergarten screening assessments in order to properly place incoming
kindergarten students into the proper instructional level. Mrs. Caraballo is a key member of the
ICA kindergarten team, bringing exciting ideas and activities to our students at ICA.

First Grade:
Nichole Rubel:
Mrs. Rubel is a certified teacher with 11 years of experience in teaching elementary level
students, and has taken on the role of “Teacher Trainer” this year. Mrs. Rubel conducts
professional development sessions on Riggs, Amplify, and Singapore Math at the elementary
level, and is currently mentoring teachers in grades K-2. Mrs. Rubel is a master teacher who
has impeccable classroom management and instructional delivery.

Taylor Coddington:
Ms. Coddington is currently completing her teaching degree at Indian River State College, and
is under the mentorship of Mrs. Rubel as a first grade teacher. She taught at the elementary
school level last year, and is bringing her experience into the classroom. Ms. Coddington brings
a passion and enthusiasm for learning into her classroom and is an inspiration to all of her

Merkenide Dias:
Ms. Dias is completing a degree in educational law, and is currently finishing her teacher
licensure exams with the state of Florida. Passionate about education, Ms. Dias brings an
enthusiastic approach to classroom teaching and has much to contribute to the area of history,
reading, and writing by utilizing the knowledge and experience that she gained from being in the
courtroom. Mr. Dias is under the mentorship of Mrs. Rubel, and is a valued member of the ICA

Second Grade:
Loretta Humphrey:
Ms. Humphrey is a certified teacher and has been teaching at the elementary level, specifically
2nd grade, for years. She has a vast knowledge of classroom management and teaching techniquesthat will enhance any lesson. She ensures that all of her students are getting a firm

foundation before moving on to the next subject.

Rachel Decostanzo:
Ms. Decostanzo is a certified teacher in both elementary education and a certified K-12 literacy
coach. Ms. Decostanzo has been teaching at the elementary level and brings both experience
and a high level of expertise to the classroom. Ms Decostanzo will be a key partner in ensuring
that our students are ready for 3rd grade and the FSA.

Third Grade:
Kelli Sovine:

Ms. Sovine is a certified teacher in elementary education, and will be continuing to teach third
grade this year. Mrs. Sovine motivates her students to produce quality work in a quiet
atmosphere, while at the same time helps them celebrate their uniqueness.

Laura Howie:
Mrs. Howie is an experienced, certified teacher who has been teaching at the elementary level
in a charter school for many years. She is a leader in recognizing students who need extra
help, screening and collecting data, and monitoring their progress so that every one of her
students meets, and even exceeds grade level expectations.

Fourth Grade:

Samantha Taglieri:

Ms. Taglieri is completing her teacher certification, and has been teaching at the
elementary level for several years. She works hand-in-hand with Mrs. Brown in planning and
implementing meaningful activities through the tried and tested methods and classical

Suzanne Brown:
Mrs. Brown is an experienced educator who has been working with students in small groups
and one on one with coursework and assessments for the past few years, and is now teaching
5th grade. Mrs. Brown is extremely organized and passionate about teaching students the finer
points of how to be academically successful. She is creative and is always striving to make
sure that every student is successful.

Fifth Grade:

Jaclyn Combs:
Ms. Combs has been part of ICA for our inaugural year, and is continuing with us as a 5th grade
teacher this year. Ms. Combs is passionate about helping students prepare for high school so
that every student has the opportunity to reach their career goals. Ms. Combs has been teaching Singapore Math since last year and will continue to create and implement strong
lesson plans in all subject areas as she continues her teacher education training.

Michelle Boyle:

Mrs. Boyle comes to us in 5th grade as a certified K-6 Elementary Education teacher and is excited about the idea of classical education.  In addition to Elementary Ed, she also holds certifications in ESE, ESOL, & Reading endorsement.  She joins Miss Combs in the 5th grade pod, and  is currently thriving as she teaches kids how to think, not what to think!  We are lucky to have her helping us prepare our students for middle school!

Middle School:
Rachel Sabaliauskas (MS ELA):

“Miss S” as the kids like to refer to her, joined us mid-year as a vacancy in ELA occured. She is gentle and truly enjoying getting to know the students better. She plans to have a long career at ICA as she transitions from the world of finance, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree, and back to working with children.  She is currently enjoying getting kids to read with inflection, write and speak using correct grammar and become fluent in reading comprehension. She has great classroom management skills and we look forward to seeing our children flourish under her guidance.

Cesar Gonzalez (MS Latin):
Mr. Gonzalez is a certified master teacher of world languages and has taught in many different
countries over the years. He is a published author and has received many honors recognizing
his gift of teaching all students to master multiple languages. Mr. Gonzalez is dedicated to
helping students respect themselves, others, and the world around them.

Amanda Sugg (MS History):
Mrs. Sugg is a certified teacher who is teaching history at ICA this year. She is a dedicated
educator who is excited about classical education. Mrs. Sugg is helping her students see the
relevance of studying history in today’s world, and will be preparing her 7th grade students to
take the Civics EOC exam this year.

Jeffery Russell(MS Math):

Mr. Russell has recently relocated to our area and has a vast amount of experience in both Math and History. He served in the US Navy, and has worked in the field of education in both enrollment/admissions on the private side, and as a paraprofessional, math tutor, and teacher on the public side.  We are excited to see his enthusiasm for learning come to life in our classroom!  Mr. Russell brings with him to ICA a 1st grade son and a daughter who will enter Kindergarten in the Fall. He enjoys the challenge of math and getting kids to conceptually understand why the process results in specific answers.

Kacey Predix (MS Science):
Mrs. Predix has been an integral part of ICA since its inception, and is enjoying teaching
science this year. She has a methodical approach to helping students master science concepts,
and brings creativity into the classroom through meaningful science labs and experiments. Mrs.
Predix is dedicated to helping her students succeed as they learn scientific concepts that they
will carry with them for a lifetime.

Georgine Guettler (Health):
Ms. Guettler is a certified teacher who teaches health at ICA this year. She is passionate about
teaching students how good health has a positive effect on everything they do. Ms. Guettler will
be introducing many healthful concepts to the students as well as bringing in guest speakers
and even providing training in first aid and other career related topics.

Mary Katheryn Campau (Art):
Mrs. Campau is a certified art teacher who introduces students to the love of visual art. She
teaches students many different art related skills as well as instructs students through famous
works of art. Mrs. Campau takes the core components of classical education and brings them
to life so that students remember them forever.

Mike Walzak (Physical Education):
Mr. Walzak is a seasoned athletic professional who was formerly a player for the Toronto
Bluejays. He spent many years mentoring students and helping them during the recruitment
process. Mr. Walzak teaches Physical Education at ICA this year. He is dedicated to
reinforcing the skills of team building, cooperation, and fair play. Coach Walzak will be bringing
many exciting sports opportunities to the students this year.

Ashley Pruden (Music):

Mrs. Pruden, who is a permanent substitute at ICA, has been with us since shortly after we opened.  She began this year overseeing middle school students during their FLVS course, and when a schedule change required cancellation of that course mid-year, she agreed to fill in for Music after a vacancy opened.  She enjoys teaching the kids all of their academic memory work (multiplications, state/capitals. historical timeline, presidents, and more) using Classical Conversations song, chants, rhymes, and musical performance!

ESE Department and Support Staff:
Danny Mullins:
Mr. Mullins is ICA’s ESE Specialist, working with students who have service plans as well as
screening students who may need additional support. Mr. Mullins is the connection between
individualized learning in the classroom and the family and district expectations, helping all
students succeed.

Michelle O’Keefe:
Mrs. Okeefe has taken on the role of para professional this year, and will be working with
students both in small groups and one on one to ensure that all students reach their academic
goals. Mrs. Okeefe works directly with Mr. Mullins, the ESE Specialist.


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