Hard Custodian- Full Time

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Job Summary: To manage the hard custodial duties on campus, including but not limited to garbage from large garbage cans, exterior and courtyard, as well as cafeteria for the removal to the dumpster, heavy labor custodial chores such as pressure washing, hauling, delivering, and moving items needed by faculty & staff.

As the front line to ensuring ICA is well-maintained and kept up for faculty, staff, students, and parents- it is of the utmost importance for the hard custodial person to carry him or herself in a manner reflective of our core values and beliefs at ICA. The key to a successful custodian is to take pride in their work and ensuring the campus is neat and tidy for our faculty, staff, administration, students, parents, potential families, and visitors. Friendliness, professionalism, a love of children, a proponent of family and community, and personal/moral integrity are some of the primary values found in a successful secretary at ICA.

Apply to ICA

Resume and cover letter should be faxed to 772-837-9301 or inquire with the front desk.

You can also email your resume and cover letter to us.

Have a safe and fun Summer!

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