What are charter schools?

Charter schools are free public schools that are open to all St. Lucie County children. Charter schools operate independently, according to the terms of a performance contract or “charter.” Though public, they are not run by the St. Lucie County School Board. Charter schools commit to meeting specific academic goals, set by the Florida Department of Education, then make their own decisions about how to achieve them. The combination of freedom and accountability for succeeding allows charter schools to respond to community needs, try new approaches, and put student learning first.

What makes ICA different from government-run schools?

Because ICA is independent of the district system, ICA has greater flexibility in the way we operate. ICA is free to develop our own academic program, choose staff, set educational goals, and establish our own standards for student behavior. Independence Classical Academy offers families of St. Lucie County a Classical Education model which is different from the model used in district schools. Ultimate decision making authority when it comes to policies, procedures, and performance lie with the ICA governing board. This allows ICA staff greater autonomy and parents greater accessibility.

Does ICA have any religious affiliations?

No. Students of all religions or without religion are welcome.

Does ICA teach towards particular political agendas?

No. Families of all political affiliations are welcome. ICA teachers are required to present all political viewpoints fairly and equally, without any attempt to persuade students towards any particular party or platform, in the historical context within our curriculum.


What are the benefits of enrolling my child in ICA?

ICA provides an alternative to government-run schools. Charter schools are schools of choice, and as such ICA provides parents the opportunity to choose a school based upon what they think will work best for their child. ICA emphasizes not only the core subjects of English and math, but also the arts, history, science, and languages. Some of what sets us apart are a return to lost arts such as cursive writing, phenomic awareness, spelling & grammar rules, a culture of self-discipline, teacher autonomy, physical education, formal reading & writing instruction, parental involvement, self-governance, a departure from the testing culture, financial literacy, advanced civics instruction, and more! If you are looking for a return to what has been lost through the merry-go-round of failed government education policy,



What types of students will attend ICA?

Students who attend ICA will come from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and socio-economic status. We find that we are attracting homeschool, private, and public school students.

May I apply for ICA if I do not live in St. Lucie County?

Yes. Students residing in Indian River or Okeechobee, for example, may attend ICA, if seats are available, they will not, however, qualify for “in-district” priority seating.



Does ICA charge tuition?

No. ICA is a free public school. 

Does ICA provide transportation?

No. Parents enrolling their students at ICA will need to provide transportation to and from school, at least in the initial year(s), as bussing is not financially possible. However, we will offer parents assistance with carpooling as we get closer to opening.

Will you offer aftercare programs?

ICA does not offer aftercare at this time. However, the following local programs offer pick up at ICA: Greenshoots Academy, Peppermint Patties, Sunrise Gymnastics, Long Riders, Loving Care and Boys and Girls Club at Westside. If you are in need of aftercare services, please contact these programs directly.

Will ICA offer sports or other extra-curricular activities for students?

Yes. Students attending ICA will be able to participate in activities that ICA deems appropriate for our focus, provided there is enough interest, dedicated sponsors and/or coaches, and is funded. We will be looking into academic teams, athletic teams, and other focused clubs. We will be establishing an AG Committee, Athletics Committee, PTO & SAC Boards as early as Summer 2020. If interested, click here to complete the “Contact us” form and let us know your areas of interest in serving.

Will teachers at ICA be certified?


May I apply for ICA if I do not live in St. Lucie County?

Yes. Students residing in Indian River or Okeechobee, for example, may attend ICA, if seats are available, they will not, however, qualify for “in-district” priority seating.

Will ICA offer lunches?

Yes. Students needing to purchase lunch will be able to do so through the district-sponsored food service program at the same rate at other public schools. We will participate in the free and reduced lunch program. Breakfast has yet to be determined, but this page will be updated as that decision is made. Students may also bring their own lunch to school, and parents may also come to have lunch with their children.

Where is Independence Classical Academy located?

ICA is located at 2902 S. Jenkins Road in Fort Pierce. We are on the east side of the road just south of Okeechobee/SR70, less than a mile east of I-95 and the Fort Pierce Turnpike exchange. 


Is ICA's current location the permanent location?

Yes. Our lease encompasses the entire building and land with the option to buy out the lease in due time. The central location suits most Fort Pierce families, and those traveling from the north and south via highways. The land we have purchased is suitable for our extensive parent loop and two planned buildings K-8 in Phase I building, and our High School in Phase II building). Our K-8 and eventual High School building will be exactly what’s needed for a K-12 school that serves around 800 students.

What is expected of ICA students?

As ICA is independently run, expectations differ from government-run schools. ICA requires our students to commit to a set of values-centered on respect, hard work, and achievement. ICA also requires students to wear uniforms. 

How do I know if ICA will meet my child’s needs?

To help you determine if our charter school is the right fit for your child, you should read about ICA’s mission and educational philosophy. Learn more about Classical Education to determine if you agree with the direction this educational program will take your child in and if it is the right fit. You can also visit our “myths about classical education” page to see if what you understand might be a real or perceived concern for your specific child before enrolling. 

Please check back soon for updated policies and information on the school store for the 2022-2023 school year.

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