Hello ICA Families,

I wanted to reach out and provide information about our ESE department, and your children’s services, in efforts to clear any confusion or misinformation. 

Although we cannot fulfill all of the promises that were made to you by the former ESE Specialist, rest assured our ESE population, as well as students that may be eligible for services, have not only been identified but have been receiving therapies and supports in the following areas:  Speech Therapy, Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, Targeted Case Management, and more. Classroom accommodations that can be provided in the classroom, by the classroom teacher, have been taking place. Our service providers (SLP, OT, PT) are also providing accommodations, when necessary, during their therapy sessions. 

We are, and have been, looking to fulfill ESE support staff positions, in order to enhance the delivery of services, relating to your child’s IEP, EP, and 504 plans.

I personally have been in contact with the majority of our parents of students in the ESE program and will continue to reach out where a conversation is appropriate. With that being said, I welcome you to email me with your concerns so we can discuss and address them accordingly. You can email me at, ese@icacharter.org.

I understand, as an ICA parent myself, that communication has been an issue in the past. Again, please be aware of the wonderful changes we are undertaking at ICA and take advantage of the resources we have available. 

We expect to have our LMS (Learning Management System) up and available to parents, for them to not only view grades but also communicate with teachers as needed. Please note: all teachers can be reached by their first initial (.) full last name @icacharter.org.

For example, Teacher: Ms. Jane Doe, can be reached at j.doe@icacharter.org

Planners are now required, daily, for all students in grades 3-8. This is not only important for students with disabilities, but for all students. Organization and self-awareness are both directly related to confidence and achievement. Please be sure to check this daily with your child. Allow them time to explain their day, what they worked on, what seemed easy or difficult, and what they found most interesting. These conversations are extremely powerful cognitive activities that allow your child to recall, retell, and revise, which are all tasks proven to increase comprehension and memorization.

Classical Learning is different for many of our students and parents, so it is expected that the new learning approach has taken time to comprehend and adjust to. That does not mean it is not right for your child, I promise.

I am more than happy to speak with anyone who has questions about their child’s needs and/or the supports in place relating to our ESE population. Many parents who have expressed their concerns to me are feeling much better after being made aware of the interventions and supports we have on our campus. We are here for you.

Please be sure to email me with any of your ESE related questions and/or needs. Facebook and other social platforms are not venues for school-related information, especially when it relates to ESE.

I hope this message has provided some clarity for our parents, and comfort in knowing that we are doing everything we can to enhance your child’s educational experience.

Thank you all for your understanding and efforts to encourage success and positivity at ICA. Go Anglers!

Nikita Lloyd, ESE Specialist


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