Potential ICA Families:

Welcome! We are currently accepting applications online for grades K-6 only.

If you wish to enroll your child(ren) at ICA, you will need to click the following link, sign up for a family account, and complete an application. If you have more than one child enrolling, be sure to click to add another student at the end, and move on to each additional child before submitting it.

Please remember, enrollment applications are used to gauge our hiring needs by grade level, as well as build our waitlist by date. Should you have general questions, We will try to be as available as we can, to help you. Please be mindful that seating at ICA is limited, and admission rules are mandated by State Statute. We look forward to working with you and opening the door to the endless possibilities in your child’s academic life! General questions regarding curriculum, site location, facilities, uniforms, etc…should be directed to us PRIOR to beginning an enrollment application, so we can reserve as many seats as possible for our committed families. If you have a child wishing to start ICA in the year 2023-2024 and beyond, you can click the “Future Students” button below and complete the Letter of Intent. This will allow us to notify you early of enrollment opportunities for your child. Forms should be e-mailed to operations@icacharter.org to be filed appropriately. To enroll your child for the current 2022-23 school year, click the “enroll Now” button below.

Please check back soon for updated policies and information on the school store for the 2022-2023 school year.

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