About Independence Classical Academy

Independence Classical Academy will house a small learning environment, with less than 800 students in grades K-12 at full capacity, yet still be able to offer academic rigor, leveled classes, and exceptional student education. We will offer athletics, academic teams, student government, many school-wide and grade-level community service projects and more!

As a small school, we can offer a family-friendly atmosphere and the individual attention students crave during the younger years, encouragement as they grow academically and socially, and engagement as they wrap up their education and prepare for the world.


NOTE: ALL instructional staff must be certified or eligible for certification, and ALL employees must pass background checks.

Get Involved

Join a Club/Committee

AG, Fishing, Athletics, PTO, SAC, or Marketing/Fundraising. As ICA continues to grow we will be seeking new members to help us acheive the goals set forth in our charter.

Campus Volunteers Needed

ICA periodically hosts workdays to keep our campus beautiful. If you have a local business and would like to donate services to our school, please contact administration.

Support Our Faculty and Staff

ICA is always seeking assistance preparing refreshments and/or lunch during teacher workdays and training. Contact adminsitration if you are interested in donating time or talent.

Please check back soon for updated policies and information on the school store for the 2022-2023 school year.

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